Book Event – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

I went to my very first book event today hosted by one of the local independent bookstores where I live. I got to see Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman speak about their writing lives, answer questions, and be generally awesome and hilarious.

Because this was my first event, I had no idea what to expect. My wife was wonderful enough to come with me, and we left over two hours early to ensure prime seating. By the time we got downtown, parked, found something to eat, and made it to our seats, there were still 90 minutes until start time and there were only two other people waiting. I felt a little silly for arriving so early, but only a little, because we totally got front row seats.

It was neat to watch the room fill up and talk to the others around me. Most of them had been to events like this before, and ALL of them were younger than me. Just one of the hazards of being a thirty something with a deep affinity for YA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Mostly it was just cool to be in a room full of people who are as excited as I am about books. The majority of my real life friends are just not into it, so I felt an incredible sense of community there in that little bookstore today.

The authors spoke for about thirty minutes and told really funny stories about some of the shenanigans they’ve experienced thus far on the tour. They talked about the different books they are working on and then spent another 15 or so minutes answering questions. The audience had some really neat questions, several of which the authors had never been asked before. I chickened out and did NOT ask a question, but of course once I got back to the safety of my own car, I thought of one. If I hadn’t been a total chicken shit, my question would have been: Of all of the books you have written, which is your favorite one?

Someone did ask them who they would cast should these be made into a movie. Consequently, the series IS being made into a movie, but they will have no say in the casting. They did share with us who they pictured while they were writing the characters and I thought it was super neat, so I’m going to share it with you. Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember who they said for Katie and Ezra, though Ezra was one of the guys from Gossip Girl. But for the leads in the new books, they pictured a young Kristen Bell (circa Veronica Mars) as Hanna and for Nik, it was Bob Morley who plays Bellamy on the 100.

After they finished answering questions, they held a quick raffle for book two in the series, Gemina. I want one of these more than perhaps I have ever wanted anything in my whole life, but alas, I did not win. I did get to chat with them quickly while they signed my copy of Illuminae, and they were kind enough to pose for a photo with me! Check it out!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.37.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.18.07 PM.png

All in all this was a super great experience, and I cannot wait to go to another! If you get the chance to go to a book event where you live, I highly recommend it!


12 thoughts on “Book Event – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

  1. Cover2CoverMom says:

    How exciting!!! I have only been to one book event, since Ohio isn’t a hot spot for author visits, HOWEVER Stephen King is coming in June and I scored tickets. I’m super excited. Glad you had such a wonderful experience! Cheers to more bookish events in your future 😊

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  2. butchjax says:

    Four years ago I went to my first author event and was lucky enough to do two in a month! Veronica Roth was like yours, a lot of young people but super fun and interesting to see the younger generation so getting into it. Plus, Veronica herself is a good decade younger than I am. It was neat to get a book signed and a picture. The second was Jenny Lawson, which was very different because it was all adults. It was also larger and held outside to accommodate more people. But I also got an autograph and picture. I really liked getting to thank them for their work and presence in my life. Now with a little one it’s hard to find time to go to any others. I don’t know how you find time to read at all with those kids running around. 🙂

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    • TheBookQueen says:

      I’m sure the Veronica Roth one was epic for the younger crowd. Jenny Lawson!! I’ve had Furiously Happy on my TBR for months. Have you read it? Quite possibly the best book cover ever. How do I find time? I don’t sleep. Truly. I read when everyone is sleeping.


      • butchjax says:

        Yes, both her books are awesome!!! I think they are must reads for everyone on the planet. Especially for understanding chronic diseases and mental health struggles.

        I doubt I could get into a Veronica Roth event now. This was for the release of the second book, and before the movie.

        Last night I stayed up a bit later reading a kid’s book because I’m trying to read at least one book from each of the Usborne series so I can be educated on them when doing book parties. It’s been a while since I stayed up late reading a book, since usually the light bothers the baby. But last night she was so fussy with a cold that it didn’t matter. I’m going to see if she’ll let me consistently read while she’s nursing so I’m not stuck wishing I could do something while she fought sleep for 2 hours. 😉

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      • butchjax says:

        So far the plan has failed lol But I read a super short beginner’s chapter book while standing in the kitchen. It can be very helpful to read faster than the average. At least I brought the books upstairs so I can sneak it in when possible.

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  3. thelesbiannextdoor says:

    I live in a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere, so there are no actual good book stores around, let alone big book events. (In fact, I am pretty sure the bookstores we did have are gone now.) Lucky! Sounds (and looks) like you had a great time! 🙂

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