Upcoming Reviews

I am so so so behind on reviews this month!

Life has been hectic and crazy and busy, leaving me with very little time to sit and read. However, I have discovered a newfound love for audiobooks. Lucky for me, my library membership also provides me with a membership to a digital service called, Hoopla. I listen when I cook, when I clean, when I drive to work. And slowly but surely, I’m barreling through my unowned TBR list. So far I haven’t listened to any books that I own a physical copy of.

If done correctly, audiobooks can be an immersive and hypnotic experience. At times it is difficult, because I find myself wanting to underline a passage or make a note. Something utterly impossible with an audiobook. I also love to recommend and lend my books to others, so for these, I’ll have to settle with a verbal recommendation.

Having so little time to actually sit down and read has meant even less time to sit down and bang out pre-read posts and reviews. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend, and have the following reviews pending:


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