The Know Preservation – The Pre-Read

I’m about to do a thing that I haven’t done since I was a small child. That thing is to read a book I know absolutely nothing about, written by an author that I am completely unfamiliar with, and without knowing what ANYONE else thinks about it.

You’re probably thinking, so what, who cares? How is that  big deal?

I’m going to tell you why it’s a big deal.

I’m not a person that can just pick up a book, read the jacket, and dive in. I have four children, (that was four as in three plus one equals four), and a full time job that has absolutely nothing to do with reading. Because of these factors, my free time is a precious, precious commodity, so I like to know that what I’m about to read is going to be epic. I take a lot of time researching books, listening to podcasts, following bookish newsletters, and polling the online community.

Let’s flashback to a couple of weeks ago when I signed up to do a Blog Tour. I’m new to the blogging community, and I read that participating in blog tours is a great way to meet other bloggers and gain new readership. I’m all about both of those things, so I signed up. The first invitation I got was for a book called, The Know Preservation by Ed Kurst. Here is the pitch I got:



Preservation is the first book in the Know Trilogy which wraps a new theory of space-time, humankind’s evolution, millennia old conspiracies, and imminent global destruction around a broken man’s redemption, an evil man’s reckoning and a driven woman’s unique destiny.

This sounded like it was right up my alley so I thought, why not? I signed up and shortly after, got an email from Novel Publicity (the company hosting the tour) thanking me for my interest and containing a link to download the book. My first instinct was to go to Amazon and Goodreads to see what other readers had to say. After a few minutes of googling, it became clear that there are no other reviews out yet for this book. I’m going in completely blind. This makes me nervous for all of the reasons I stated above, but I’m also sort of excited. I’m out of my comfort zone, which I think can be a really educational experience if you allow it to be.

I was able to find the author’s website, which you can visit here if you are interested. Mr. Kurst sounds pretty awesome, and he writes sci-fi, which makes him a total winner in my book. I’m going to start reading in the next couple of days, and you can come back here in June to read my full review. The tour will be from June 6th through the 11th, and I’ll have a better idea of which day I’m expected to post as we get closer to that date.

Are any of you participating in this tour, or perhaps other tours in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts!